Hello, I'm Julia Wang, a Product Designer,
communicator and reader based in Mountain View, California.

Hire me to:

Understand your business needs

The key starting point of my process is to identify the problem that we're trying to solve. I spend time in learning the business needs, working with stakeholders and talking to users before creating any sketches.

Research your users

I'm a big believer in quantitative and qualitative research. I conduct research like contextual interviews, card sorting, and surveys to get a better understanding of the users. I also design personas and user journeys to uncover users' mindsets.

Lead design thinking workshops

Inspired by Google design sprint, I lead a structured brainstorm process that brings stakeholders together to solve the same problems. It effectively increases collaborations among teams.

Create mockups and prototypes

From paper sketches, whiteboards, to digital wireframes, I create mockups to visually communicate abstract concepts and generate feedback from users and team members. My coding knowledge gives me the ability to prototype quickly.

Tell a story

A good Product Designer must be able to articulate her/his rationales and communicate effectively. I started my career as a consultant, which gave me years of experiences in presenting, communicating and setting up expectations with C-level executives.

Measure the success

Product design is an iterative process. I use tools like Google Analytics, A/B testing, heatmaps, usability tests, and surveys to measure the success. I ensure the feedback is incorporated in the next design.

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