Demand Side Platform (DSP) Research & Design

  • December 3, 2014
  • By Julia
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There has been two online advertisement buying systems within this organization - direct buy and programmatic buy. The initiative was to consolidate both systems into one streamlined Demand Side Platform (DSP) so that users have the flexibility to buy directly from the inventory or buy via real-time bidding system. This demand side platform system must accommodate the internal users from direct buy and programmatic buy, as well as the external agency users.


This project was divided into three phases. Phase 1 is to assess the challenges that users are facing today and synthesize the findings. Phase 2 is design the simple version (programmatic buy) of the demand side platform with the advanced version (direct buy) in mind. Phase 3 is to design the complete version of the platform.

My Role

I was a key contributor throughout phase 1 to phase 3. I spent a lot of time understanding the users by conducting interviews, card sorting exercise and user testings. In phase 2 and 3, I created design concepts, interactive wireframes and high-fidelity designs and presented to business owners and developers. I was the go-to person if there was a question about the user experience and design. I assisted the development team through the development cycle.


Card Sorting, Interview, Affinity Diagram, Domain Model, Business Analysis, Project Management, Product Design, Presentation

Work Products & Deliverables

A visual way to represent the system.Domain Model - A visual way to represent the system.


Affinity DiagramAffinity Diagram


ArtifactArtifact with annotations


Easy step-by-step campaign creationEasy step-by-step campaign creation

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